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Okay I’ll make this short. I’m back with a long translation again after the chinese fan’s letter to Kris. I stumbled upon this thread in EXOM吧… basically it was a thread discussing about how fans never gave Xiumin a second thought besides the fact that he’s a “Baozi”. It’s really heart breaking, so I decided to translate some of the parts in the thread for you guys… because up till now, I have never came across a Xiumin biased fan on Tumblr. My heart aches for him, so please give it a read to understand our Minseok a little bit more ;___;


EXO-M has 6 songs in their mini album right? Xiumin only has a total of 6 lines.

Into Your World

没有生命力 没感情 每天毫无根据
最后我怒吼 我狂奔 我回温 不想要世界变的冷

她 的泪滴怎么看不出来有情绪 x2

I counted before, 15 seconds in total.

Have you watched EXO M’s performances  of Into Your World? Other than the chorus, Xiumin only raises his mic 2 times. Each time for less than 2 seconds.

This is the boy who trained for 4 years in SM after winning the FIRST place of EverySing contest in 2008. This is what he got.

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SeKai’s little intimacy moment ♥

I see no Se|no|Kai *KaiD.O empire strategist mode*

On another note, I find Kai’s touchiness and skinship really endearing. He’s so sweet and hands-on with his members - primarily his lover D.O. It’s an attractive quality. I like how sehun doesn’t even flinch - which means Kai is hands-on all the time, lol

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But Taemin is the best.


'kyungsoo' boxing with 'sehun'

is this for real !!

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Exo-K at SS4 - Jongin eating the light stick

Jealous Sehun.. (¬、¬)


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exo-k (and bap) during the ending of music bank | cr. jyaengee